Junior Girls Day Out Educates Enriches & Empowers Girls!

The award-winning “Junior Girls Day Out” Community Project was founded in Charleston, South Carolina in November 2007 as a means of providing positive outlets for young girls, helping them become well-rounded individuals, and inspiring them to reach their goals in life.   We have designed and execute twenty-five education, career, personal, social, and cultural development programs for girls, ages 4-14.  Each year, we sponsor approximately 75 program events. Since our inception, over 4,000 girls from diverse backgrounds and four Charleston area counties have participated in our program events. We are an all volunteer-driven, non-profit organization consisting of school administrators, parents, business executives, community leaders, community organizations, college students, and community individuals.  All of our program events, meals and transportation are FREE for all participating girls. Our organization has been applauded and endorsed by school administrators, parents, city officials, businesses, and others. We are history makers and we are always pursuing inspiring ways to encourage girls to achieve great goals in life.  The accomplishments of our organization have been so enriching for girls that we have been featured approximately eighty-four (84) times on television, radio, and in newspaper media outlets!  We have expanded our organization over the past few years and in 2016 we are sponsoring programs in the following twelve regions: Atlanta, GA, Birmingham, AL, Boston, MA, Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Jacksonville, FL, New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Richmond, VA., and Washington, DC.  Girls will be educated, enriched, and empowered through the following development programs: Mathematics Economics & Money, Best Buy’s Geek Squad Academy, Junior Girls Business Start-ups (NEW), Junior Girls Film, TV & Media Production Team (NEW), Junior Girls GEMS (Empowering Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Junior Girls Literacy Explosion, Junior Girls Career Enrichment Program, Junior Girls Olympics Food & Nutrition Program, Junior Girls Olympics Sports Program,  Junior Girls Music Video Designing Project (NEW), Junior Girls Beauty Queen Charm School (Self-Esteem Enrichment), Junior Girls Talent Search & Showcase, Junior Girls Enrichment Trips. For additional information about “Junior Girls Day Out” Community Project, you may contact us at (843) 608-8719 or JGDO2007@yahoo.com.  Please also follow us on Twitter @JrGirlsDayOut, and friend us on Facebook “Junior Girls Day Out Community Project”.

“Geek Squad Academy” is Back in 2016!

“Junior Girls Day Out” Community Project is the first and only in South Carolina selected by Best Buy to host a “Geek Squad Academy”, a national program endorsed by First Lady Michelle Obama and the White House!  This year are we excited to announce the Academy will take place Thursday-Friday, June 9th-10th at the College of Charleston! Girls will be fired up and thrilled this summer when some of Best Buy Geek Squad technicians from around the country partner with local Charleston technicians to teach them cool stuff at this annual 2-day technology camp. For the past five years girls have been intrigued and inspired to pursue technology as they learn and receive hands-on experience in the following activities: Robotics Programming, Computer Building From the Ground Up, Digital Music Design, Digital Film Production, 3D Printing and CAD Design, Digital Citizenship, Social Media Etiquette, Video-Photography, Creative Thinking, Team Building and more.  At the end of the camp, Parents are invited to the Awards Ceremony where girls are recognized, honored, and receive Achievement Awards for their participation. Girls also receive t-shirts, backpacks, flash drives, lunch, snacks and cool prizes. The “Geek Squad Academy” is a very popular and enriching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program for girls!  As a means of reinforcing what girls learn at the Academy, we have designed and will launch our Junior Girls Music Video Program in 6 states this year! If you are not registered with our organization, there is a $25 Registration Fee to participate in “Geek Squad Academy”. This program is for girls, ages 10-17, however if you have a 9 year old girl who can handle the technology curriculum, please contact us directly for consideration of participation. Other features of our organization’s STEM series entail the following: Junior Girls STEM EXPO, Junior Girls GEMS Mini Camps, Cool Computer Camps, Mathematics Economics & Money Events, Women Engineers & Girls Mentoring Luncheons, Women Scientists & Girls Experiment Projects, Lego Building Competitions and more.  


2011-2015 AWESOME COMMUNITY PARTNERS & SUPPORTERS: Berkeley County School District, Best Buy, Charleston County School District, Chick-fil-A, College of Charleston, Colleton County School District, Crescom Bank, DI Tech Savvy Kids, Dorchester County School District, First Citizens Bank, GOOGLE, Hardee’s, IT-oLogy, ITT Technology Institute, James Island Community Education, Jason’s Deli, McDonald’s, SCANA/SCE&G, Seacoast Church, Starbucks, University of Alabama Birmingham, YWCA of Greater Charleston.  

“Girls Who Brunch Tour” is Coming to Charleston!

Our organization is honored to be the first in South Carolina sponsored by the International Girls Who Brunch Tour!  The purpose of Girls Who Brunch Tour is to cultivate, inspire, and empower girls internationally.  We are s0 thrilled about Junior Girls being enriched at “The Charleston Edition” which will be held Saturday, April 30th, 11:30AM-3:30PM, at Arthur W. Christopher Community Center, 265 Fishburne Street, Charleston, SC 29403. Excitement is in the air in Charleston, Charlotte, and other cities about this debut launch!  Girls from our chapters in other cities will be in attendance! Junior Girls, ages 9-17, are truly in for a delightful treat at this event!  It will feature Celebrity Guests, Women Panelists, Musical Entertainment, Beauty Lounge & Spa, Red Carpet, Photo Booth, Break-out Sessions, Brunch, Face-Painting, Give-a-ways, and more. One of our very own Organization Partners, International Chef Kimberly Brock-Brown, will be featured as a Guest Panelists! Ms. Brock-Brown is North American Representative for the World Association of Chefs Society.  She was the first African American Woman inducted into the American Academy of Chefs. She is currently 1 of 9 Approved Culinary Examiners in the Charleston area and she has been honored as Charleston Chef of the Year!  She is also an author of several books and has traveled and been inspired by cooking in the Grand Bahamas, Ireland, South Africa, Turkey, and other countries.  We have been afforded the wonderful opportunity to provide FREE ADMISSION for fifty (50) girls to attend this event. Once our registration is full, the fee is $10 online. Since we have limited free spaces, please sign-up your Junior Girls at the link below before spaces fill up.  Parents are welcome to stay for the event.   There is a $10 Brunch fee for Parents who desire to eat with their girls. Volunteers are needed, please contact our organization if you are available to provide assistance. Please visit the Girls Who Brunch Tour at their online site for more information about their program and for a listing of other cities around the country they are touring this year.


“Junior Girls Business Start-ups ” Southeast Launches Finally Here!

Who wants to be a millionaire?!  Much excitement and anticipation is swirling around our brand new Junior Girls Business Start-ups!  This financial literacy, math enrichment, and business development program teaches girls, ages 9-14  years old, how to set-up and run “sustainable” businesses right from their homes.  All revenue that the girls receive from their businesses is theirs to keep. Our launching events will be held June and July in six southern states. Girls and Parents will partner with Community Business Women who will mentor and teach them how to establish, manage, and grow successful businesses. Junior Business Owners who are still successfully in business one year later will be showcased at our very first Junior Girls Business Expo in New York, NY, July 2017!  We are honored and thrilled that some of our country’s top Multi-Millionaires will encourage and mentor girls at our sessions.  The features of this program entail the following: Business Start-ups, Business Development & Management, Business Women Shadowing, Business Tours, The Millionaires Circle Mentoring Program, Junior Girls Business Fashion Parade, Business Etiquette, Business Hotline, Business Start-up Gift Bags and more. Junior Business Owners will be featured on Magazine Covers, Television Talk Shows, Radio Promotions, and the Junior Girls Day Out You Tube Station. Our organization will showcase the girls along with their products and services on our national Junior Girls Business Showcase.   Junior Girls Business Start-ups will be featured in the following 12 regions in 2016: Atlanta, GA, Birmingham, AL, Boston, MA, Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Jacksonville, FL, New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Richmond, VA, and Washington, DC. This is a FREE program for girls, ages 9-14 years old. Please sign-up your girl below for the program in your region.

CHARLOTTE, NC   www.SignUpGenius.com/go/60B0544A5A628A13-junior

BIRMINGHAM, AL  www.SignUpGenius.com/go/60B0544A5A628A13-junior2

JACKSONVILLE, FL  www.SignUpGenius.com/go/60B0544A5A628A13-junior4  

ATLANTA, GA   www.SignUpGenius.com/go/60B0544A5A628A13-junior3 

CHARLESTON, SC    www.SignUpGenius.com/go/60B0544A5A628A13-junior6

“Junior Girls Olympics” Back by Popular Demand in Charleston, SC 2016

JGDO Olympic Swimming Event, July 20, 2013

Junior Girls Day Out Community Project was honored to be the first ever in South Carolina to design and launch a Junior Girls Olympics Food Nutrition & Sports Program featuring sports and food nutrition events that promote healthy living lifestyles for girls, ages 6-12 years old. As girls were introduced to a variety of sports and healthy foods, they were inspired and empowered to take their fitness and healthy eating skills to another level.  In it’s first summer in 2013, over 350 aspiring young girls from 77 elementary schools, middle schools, and home schools participated in 40 sports and healthy food events.  They were encouraged and enriched by United States Olympics Athletes, Sports Superstars, Celebrity Chefs, Local Sports Professionals, and others. There is excitement in the air about our NEW “Junior Girls Culinary Academy” which we are launching in 2016! What a time the girls are going to have! They will be afforded the wonderful opportunity to serve up tasty and delectable dishes as they travel across the southeast, participate in cooking exhibitions and showcase their nutritional good eats  They will work in teams and be trained by professionals as they prepare to design and build a 100-foot Submarine Sandwich in 2016! Yummy! Get ready Charleston because the girls are going to prepare again next year for the Guinness Book of World Record!!  Additional food and nutrition activities girls will be enriched through include USDA Food Plate Activities, Blind-fold Food Tasting, Food Scavenger Hunts, Label Reading, Salad Building Competitions, Healthy Food Shopping Sprees, Fruit & Veggie Fun Events, Farm Tours, Farm to Plate Cooking Sessions, International Food Store Tours & Tastings, Mac & Cheese Cook-offs, and more! This year, girls will continue training to perform during a half-time game in the Georgia Dome in 2016. Last summer, we partnered with First Tee of Greater Charleston and launched golf clinics and training to prepare girls for their golf tournaments over in France!  Girls are enjoying the following additional fitness and sports activities: Basketball, Chess, Double-dutch, Cheerleading, Dance, Gym Workouts, Hula-Hoop, Jump Rope, Swimming, Soccer, Taekwondo, Tennis, Track, and more.  Here is a cool media story about the program: program: http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20130827/PC1211/130829496. As you can see, Junior Girls Olympics Food Nutrition & Sports Program 2016 promises to be tons of fun!  This is a FREE program for girls, ages 6-12 years old.  


Our first 2016 program event is the THE “INTERNATIONAL FOOD TOUR & TASTING”, SATURDAY, MAY 21st, 9:00AM-1:00PM (Mt. Pleasant, West Ashley & North Charleston). Girls will learn about International Cuisine, tour stores and sample foods. Parents are requested to please transport your girls to each tour site.  All participating girls, ages 6-12, are required to be registered with our organization for 2016.   

INTERNATIONAL FOOD TOUR & TASTING SIGN-UP LINK:  www.SignUpGenius.com/go/60B0544A5A628A13-junior8

Junior Girls Mathematics Economics & Money 2016 Explosion!

Money, Math, and Business are a great combination for teaching girls the fundamental principles of money management.  We have teamed up with Banks, Credit Unions, Financial Advisors, Business Owners, Colleges and Universities to offer girls a series of fun, educational, and enriching activities that will provide them vital skills to last a life-time!   Our signature financial literacy, math enrichment, and business development program, “Junior Girls Mathematics Economics & Money”, is back by popular demand this year.  This program series includes the Junior Girls Money & Math Expo, Community After-School Events, and brand new Junior Girls Business Start-ups.  Our Junior Girls Money & Math Expo is a sure winner!  This fun and educational event entails Bank and Credit Union Professionals teaching girls about Credit, Budgeting, Savings, Check Writing, Debit Cards, and Identify Theft. Girls will also learn about the importance of “giving back” to their communities. Women Business Owners will teach girls how to start their own sustainable businesses!  Girls will also participate in Money & Math Challenges, The Price is Right Game, and Money Tree Give-a-ways for savings accounts. Lunch and dessert treats will be provided during the event.  Girls will receive money-theme goodie bags, cool prizes, t-shirts and more. Credit Union and Bank Professionals will facilitate a FREE Parent Financial Success Session focusing on Credit, Family Budgeting, Debt Cancellation, Networking, and more. Please sign-up below for the Expo events in your community. We are delighted to provide financial literacy enrichment events after-school!  Girls will participate in Community After-School Events in the communities close to where they attend school.  Each girl will be treated to tasty after-school meals or snacks. They will tour Banks and Credit Unions to learn about financial literacy and to see how they operate behind the scenes. One of the most popular features of the community events is the Wise Choice Shopping Activity! Girls will visit local stores, learn about coupons, sales, and how to become wise shoppers.  They compete in teams to see who can find the most economical prices for common household products, clothes, and food items. The winning team will be awarded cool prizes!

We are excited to design and debut our new program, Junior Girls Business Start-ups, which teaches girls, ages 10-14 years old, how to set-up and run sustainable businesses right from their homes!  All revenue that the girls receive from their businesses are theirs to keep.  Funds will be placed in savings accounts and will be managed by Junior Business Owners and their Parents. Girls will participate in money management classes, business development workshops, tour businesses, and shadow a Women Business Owner as a part of this program. Our organization will provide some resource assistance for the businesses. Parents or Family Adults will assist girls in building their businesses.  Junior Business Owners and their businesses will be showcased at our very first Junior Girls Business Expo in New York, NY, July 2017! “Junior Girls Mathematics Economics & Money” will be featured in the following regions in 2016:  Atlanta, GA, Birmingham, AL, Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Jacksonville, FL, New York, NY, Richmond, VA, and Washington, DC. This is a FREE program for girls, ages 6-14 years old.  We will be posting soon the sign-up for JUNE 2016 Junior Girls Business Start-ups.


CHARLOTTE, NC REGION:  AT&T, Apple Rock Trade Show Exhibit Company, Bank of America, BB&T, Belk, Charlotte Professional Computer Solutions, Elle VJ, Flow By Tara Davis Fashion Designing, Harris Teeter, HomeTrust Bank, JustAskJannie Event Planning, JW Floral & Jewelry, Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant, Monique Crawford & Mary Kay Cosmetics, Nordstrom, Palate’s Delights Catering, P.F. Chang’s Restaurant, Sachhi Enterprise Design Center, Sam’s Club, Spark’s AC Heat & Home Improvement, Truliant Federal Credit Union, Wells Fargo, and Whole Foods. 

BIRMINGHAM, AL REGION:  American Business Women’s Association, Avadian Credit Union, Belk, Birmingham Public Schools, California Pizza, Camelot Bus Charter, Community Leader Barbara Goudy, Dr. George Stewart, eCO Credit Union, Elaine Hughley Enterprises, Family Security Credit Union, Jefferson County School District, Kela Pryor & City of Bessemer, Lollie Ashley & Mary Kay Cosmetics, McAlister’s Deli, Minister Ron Williams, North Birmingham Public Library, Publix, Regions Bank, Renasant Bank, Shellie Lane & Women Under Construction, Subway, Walmart, Wanda Clay & Tupperware, Wells Fargo Bank, Western Market,  and Woodforest National Bank. 

JACKSONVILLE, FL REGION:  121 Financial Credit Union, Bank of America, Disney Store, Duval County Public Schools, First Florida Credit Union, Florida State College at Jacksonville Kent Campus, Jacksonville Women’s Business Center, JCPenney, Junior Achievement of North Florida, McDonald’s, Mimi’s Cafe, Petunia Patch Fashion Express, Piper Prinzi & Mary Kay Cosmetics, Publix, Sonji Murry, Subway, Target, The JAX Chamber, and VyStar Credit Union.

ATLANTA, GA REGION: Alonzo A. Crim Center for Urban Educational Excellence, AT&T, Atlanta Public Schools, Bank of America, Barnes & Noble, BB&T Bank, Chase Bank, Cheesecake Factory, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Fidelity Bank, Georgia State University, International Author Ni’cola Mitchell & NCM Publishing Company, JCPenney, Kennedy Stewart & Butterfly Diamond Trillionaire Company, Kroger, Marisol Arguelles & Mary Kay Cosmetics, McDonald’s, Minister Ron Williams, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Outback Steakhouse, Walmart, and Wells Fargo Bank. 

“Junior Girls Beauty Queen Charm School” Launches in New York 2016! 

20131012_150357New York!  New York!  Here we come!  Girls will be afforded the awesome opportunity to model and showcase the most exquisite fashion designs in our very first “Junior Girls New York Fashion Show” as a feature of this program!  The goal of this program is to offer a series of inspiring and enriching activities that will help build the confidence and self-esteem of girls, ages 4-12 years old. More than 670 girls have participated in this program since we designed and showcased it in 2011.  Junior Girls from our southeast chapters will travel to New York and participate with girls from our New York chapter in the fashion show. We are so excited to feature Beauty Queens and Models from New York who will partner and model with girls in their stroll down success lane. Girls participating in this program are being enriched through the following activities: Positive Self-Esteem Building, Character Development, Social Skills & Dining Skills Etiquette, Anti-Bullying Girl Power School Events, Charm Classes, Personal Hygiene Classes, Healthy Living Lifestyle Sessions (Food, Nutrition & Fitness), Beauty Queens & Girls Fashion Shows, Beauty Queens & Girls Mentoring Luncheons, Celebrity & Girls Tea Parties, Skincare & Hair Care Sessions and more! As a new component to our program, Community Women and Mothers are partnering with girls in designing and participating in Community Service Projects.  Giving back to their communities is a wonderful way to help build the self-esteem and confidence of young girls.   Our organization will host our first star-studded red carpet affair…..“Junior Girls Choice Awards 2017”. Girls will nominate, vote, and honor women and girls who have made outstanding contributions to their communities, workplaces, homes, and schools.   This is a FREE program for girls, ages 4-12 years old.  


Southeast Junior Girls Enrichment Trips 2016

JGDO Cooking2This year we will feature the most exciting and thrilling trips we have sponsored for girls yet!  It will also be the first year that girls from our chapters in Atlanta, Birmingham, Charleston, Charlotte, and Jacksonville will be traveling together on trps.  We kicked off January with girls participating in educational enrichment sessions as preparation for their trips this summer.  The weekly sessions entailed girls learning about their travel cities, significant people from their travel cities, and sites they will visit in their travel cities. SPECIAL THANKS to Emmy Award-Winning Producer Anne Emmerson, Producer of the ABC’s Chicken Soup for the Soul, who launched our Music Video Designing Project by teaching girls the basic principals in film and video designing.  SPECIAL THANKS to Kathy Jones, GM, Mori Luggage, who presented a “fascinating” packing demonstration for girls, Parents and Volunteer! Our 2016 Enrichment Trips have the following themes: Hollywood, CA: Arts/Music, Hershey, PA: Career Development, Washington, DC: Financial Literacy, Orlando, FL: STEM, New York, NY: Self-Esteem Enrichment, and Disney Cruise: Entrepreneurship.  SPECIALS THANKS to the following Community Business Partners who participated in helping to educate girls about their trip themes: Music & Art Store, Office Depot, Target, S.C. Aquarium, Wonder Works Toy Store.  The experiences the girls are going to be afforded are priceless!  All trips are FREE for girls, ages 6-12 years old. Please consider making a donation to help sponsor a girl to travel in 2016. For additional information, please contact our organization at (843) 608-8719 or JGDO2007@yahoo.com.  “GIRLS WHO WON TRIPS IN 2015 WILL TRAVEL IN 2016. REGISTERED GIRL GROUPS WHO WIN TRIPS IN 2016 WILL TRAVEL IN 2017”.  

2016 AWESOME COMMUNITY PARTNERS & SUPPORTERS: Charleston County Public Library, Emmy Award-Winning Producer Anne Emmerson, Music & Art Store, Office Depot, South Carolina Aquarium, Target, Wonder Works Toy Store.

Junior Girls “Career Shadowing” Tremendous Success in Charlotte, NC! 

This is the year of growth and expansion and we are more than excited about launching our organization in Charlotte, NC!  We sponsored one of our signature programs, “Junior Girls Career Shadowing Program”, for girls in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. Our Kick-off Event was a tremendous success! Special Thanks to Career Women Audancie Constant, Tara Davis, Liliana Goldstein, Jeannine Crump-Singleton, and Erica Zavaleta for providing such enriching information about their careers! Special Thanks to Maggiano’s and Cheesecake Factory for a tasty and delectable lunch for the girls!  A great Special Thanks goes out to AT&T and others for awesome volunteer support! The girls were enriched through Career Women Presentations, Career Booth Displays, Business Etiquette Sessions,“Dress for Success” Fashion Showcases, a Career Women & Girls Mentoring Luncheon and more!   What a wonderful opportunity that girls were afforded as they shadowed professional women in their career settings June-November. During shadowing experiences, girls how to serve their community as “Junior Judge for the Day”, “Junior Chef for the Day”, “Junior Engineer for the Day”, “Junior Fashion Designer for the Day” and more. Girls gain invaluable knowledge and skills by shadowing women in the following professions in this program: Actress, Airline Pilot, Architect, Attorney, Author, Banker, Business Owner, Chef, Computer Technician, Cosmetologist, Dancer, Dentist, Engineer, Executive Assistant, Fashion Designer, Judge, Librarian, Make-up & Skincare Artist, Manager, Musician, Public Speaker, Radio DJ, Sports Pro, Teacher, TV Talk Show Host, and Veterinarian. The girls were so excited when they learned they would be treated to free hairstyles, free nail services, free clothing, and free career-themed gift bags! At the Kick-off Event, girls won Enrichment Trips to Hollywood CA, Disney Cruise, New York NY, Hershey PA, Washington DC, and Orlando FL.  “Junior Girls Career Shadowing Program” is a FREE program for girls, ages 10-16 years old.  

2015 AWESOME COMMUNITY PARTNERS & SUPPORTERS: AT&T, Audancie Constant & Mary Kay Cosmetics, Aveda Institute, Bank of America, Best Buy, Charlotte Department of Transportation, Charlotte International Fashion Week, Charlotte Professional Computer Solutions, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, Cheesecake Factory, Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen, Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, Clark Nexsen Architectural Firm, D’Elliott’s Hair Studio, Essence Lewis Make-up Artist, Fashion Designer Vessela Zarankova, Flow By Tara Davis, Free Radio Charlotte, KLJ Enterprises, Laxer Long & Savage Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontist, Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, Long Animal Hospital, Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant, Mann Travels, Nordstrom, North Carolina Court System Judges, Paul Mitchell the School Charlotte, Regency Beauty Institute, Regina’s College of Beauty, Staples, Starbucks, The Dance Company Charlotte, University of North Carolina Charlotte, and WBTV CBS TV Station.


“Junior Girls Literacy Explosion” Cool Adventure in Birmingham, AL!

Who ever thought literacy could be so much fun!  Our Junior Girls Literacy Explosion! is a fun and exciting program that focuses on vocabulary, reading, writing, and speaking skills enrichment for girls, ages 6-12 years old.   The program’s goal is to ignite a fire and passion in girls to want to read and learn more about literacy.  Through out the program, girls learn there is more to literacy than reading.  We have designed and feature nineteen (19) fun-infused literacy activities.  Since it’s inception in 2012, over 600 girls have been enriched through this program. Our organization is honored to feature Special Guest Author Kate Boehm Jerome and her “Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know” book series.  Birmingham girls were thrilled in March as they participated in one of our signature programs, “Birmingham Treasure Hunt”, which entailed them reading about Birmingham’s historic places, visiting these places in search of treasures, and winning cool prizes such as Enrichment Trips, Digital Cameras, Reading Tea Parties, Moms & Girls Spa Parties, Book Bags, Books, Cupcake & Ice Cream Parties, and more.  For the first time in Birmingham, girls participated in our signature program activity“Will the Real Mayor Please Stand Up Contest”! Prior to the contest, girls read and researched biography information about Birmingham’s Honorable Mayor William A. Bell. At the event, impostors tried to convince girls that they were the Mayor, and girls had to figure out who was the real imposter Mayor Bell.  It was a fun literacy adventure for Birmingham and surrounding area girls! Additional features of this fun and enriching literacy program entail the following: State-wide Read-a-thons, After-School Literacy Classes, TV & Radio Commercial Projects, Savannah Day Trips, Book Designing & Community Book Signings, Public Speaking, Spelling Bees, Recipe Creations & Cook-offs, Charleston Treasure Hunts, Internet TV Show Production Project, Power-Point Literacy Projects, Literacy Nature Harbor Cruise, Junior Girls Literacy Fun Festival and more. This is a FREE program for girls, ages 6-12 years old.  

2015 AWESOME COMMUNITY PARTNERS & SUPPORTERS:  2nd & Charles Bookstore, Alabama Insurance Exchange, Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, Alabama Sports Hall of Fame & Museum, America’s First Federal Credit Union, AT&T Pioneers Birmingham Metro Council, Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, Barnes & Noble, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham Public Library, Byrd’s Automotive, Camelot Limousine & Charter Company, Cheesecake Factory, Chick-fil-A Hoover, Edgar’s Bakery & Cafe, Fairfield City Schools, Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau, Hands on Birmingham, Hardee’s Homewood, Hoover City Schools, Jefferson County School District, Junior League of Birmingham, McWane Science Center, Riverchase Collision Repair, Sam’s Club, Starbucks, Subway, Target, The Literacy Council of Central Alabama, University of Alabama Birmingham, Walmart, and Western Market.


“Junior Girls Fashion & Self-Esteem Event” Great Success in Atlanta, GA!  

We are absolutely thrilled about the enriching opportunities girls were afforded in Alpharetta, Georgia on May 2nd! We sponsored our first ever in Georgia “Junior Girls Spring Fashion Showcase & Self-Esteem Enrichment Event” which took place at North Point Mall! Special Thanks to Latesha Lynch and North Point Mall for providing such an awesome experience for the girls! We give Special Thanks to Melissa Bennett, Chante Dent, Dr. Mandisa Jones, and Carolyn Luesing who were extremely instrumental in providing enriching and encouraging nuggets to the girls for building their self-esteem.  Special Thanks to Beauty Queens Madison Hilton, Annie Thompson, and Hannah Keen who helped make it a thrilling experience for the girls by mentoring them during lunch and modeling with them in the fashion show. We want to also give a Special Thanks to the North Point Mall stores that provided the colorful spring fashions for the girls to model: American Eagle Outfitters, Buckle, Dillard’s, J C Penney, Journeys, Journeys Kidz, and Macy’s.  The stores were wonderful to the girls!!   The fashion show was one of the most unique shows we have ever featured. Our organization has been conducting mall fashion shows for the past couple of years and this year we are tickled pink that girls modeled with “LIVE” small doggies!  It was so adorable!  Special Thanks to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue and their community effort in helping to find caring and nurturing families for these precious doggies. Girls also participated in Girl Power Parades, Red Carpet Photo Shoots and more.  They were very excited to win Enrichment Trips to Disney Cruise, New York NY, Hershey PA, Washington DC and Orlando FL.  We would like to thank all of our Georgia Community Partners and Volunteers for helping to enrich and empower the lives of young girls at this program event!   If you desire to sign-up  your girls for our next featured program in the Georgia area, please check back periodically for more information.  You can also contact us at JGDO2007@yahoo.com or (843) 608-8719.  Please also follow us on Twitter @JrGirlsDayOut and friend us on Facebook “Junior Girls Day Out Community Project.”

2015 AWESOME COMMUNITY PARTNERS & SUPPORTERS: Alpharetta Country Club, Alpharetta High School Beauty Queen Madison Hilton, American Eagle Outfitters, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, Atlanta International Fashion Week, Body Works Therapy and Training, Buckle, Chante Dent & Beauty From Within Enrichment, Carolyn Luesing & Associates, Chandler School of Etiquette, Claire’s, Dillard’s, Dunwoody High School Beauty Queen Hannah Keen, Embassy Suites Alpharetta, Extended Stay Alpharetta, Hilton Garden Alpharetta, Homewood Suites Alpharetta, Hyatt Place Alpharetta, Jared Galleria of Jewelry, JCPenney, Jones PT Physical Therapy, Journeys, Journeys Kidz, Macy’s, Minis by Maria, North Point Mall, Protocol School of Atlanta, Residence Inn Alpharetta, Roswell High School Queen Annie Thompson, Sam’s Club, Springhill Suites Alpharetta, Target, The Olive Leaf, TownPlace Suites Alpharetta, and Walmart.  


Charleston Volunteer Quarterly Meeting in April 2016 

It has been an amazing year already for the girls and we graciously thank all of our Volunteers and Supporters who are helping to make it a success!  We have more fun and enriching events we are preparing for the girls for the upcoming year. Our next Charleston Volunteer Quarterly Meeting will be held in April 2016.  If you are interested in volunteering, please sign-up at our Sign-up Genius link below. We will email you more details about the upcoming meeting. You are certainly welcome to contact us at (843) 608-8719 or JGDO2007@yahoo.com if you have any questions or need additional information about Volunteer Opportunities or about our organization.  WE WELCOME NEW VOLUNTEERS, BUSINESSES AND COMMUNITY GROUPS TO SIGN-UP AS WELL! 

VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP:www.SignUpGenius.com/go/60B0544A5A628A13-volunteer2

Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser & Contest Coming in May 2016

As we move in plans for our Charleston summer programs, we are inviting the Community, Parents and Junior Girls to please participate in our Junior Girls Pancake Breakfast which will take place in May 2016. The purpose of this fundraiser is to help fund our 75+ FREE program events we are offering girls in 2016.  We are inviting the community to please help us provide an awesome experience for the girls by purchasing Pancake Breakfast tickets.  If you are unable to attend the Pancake Breakfast, we would be delighted to give your ticket to a Junior Girl.  All donations would tremendously benefit us in helping to educate, enrich, and empower the lives of young girls. Junior Girls are getting their creative juices flowing as they prepare for the “Junior Girls Pancake Topping Design Contest” which will take place at the Pancake Breakfast. For pre-event contestant photos, please follow us on Twitter @JrGirlsDayOut and friend us on Facebook “Junior Girls Day Out Community Project”.  Please visit our website periodically for more details and to purchase online tickets. 

2014-2015 AWESOME COMMUNITY PARTNERS & SUPPORTERS: Applebee’s, Mori Luggage & Gifts, California Dreaming, Charleston Battery Professional Soccer Team, Citadel Mall Stadium 16 Theatre, Hertz Rental, Hilton Hotels, Old Savannah Tours, Spiritline Tours.

New Junior Girls Day Out Website Coming in 2016! 

Junior Girls Day Out Community Project is excited to announce our website is in redesign, and we look to launch it in 2016.  The new site will be fun, interactive and informative, with photos and videos of our different activities and events.  We’re sure you’ll love it…stay tuned! Until then, be sure to follow Junior Girls Day Out on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook to get up to date information and announcements.

Please Donate to Junior Girls Day Out Community Project Now! 

All Junior Girls Day Out Community Project program activities, program materials, trips, meals, transportation, and prizes are FREE to all participating girls. We apply the majority of donations directly to our program activities and minimal donations to organization operations. We are presently an all-volunteer organization, therefore no funds are used for employee salaries and benefits. Our organization sponsored over 75 FREE enrichment program events for over 700 Girls in 2014!  Please consider making a contribution to our organization to help us continue our mission of providing these worthwhile programs to aspiring young girls. There are several ways you can contribute: General Contributions, Monthly Partners, Girl Sponsors, Program Sponsors, In-kind Contributions, Professional Services, Gas Cards, and Gift Cards. Every little bit helps us in achieving our mission of educating, enriching, encouraging, and empowering young girls. If you would like to make a financial contribution, please click the Donate Button below to make your secure donation through PayPal. If you would prefer to donate by check, please make your check payable to Junior Girls Day Out Community Project, and mail to: P.O. Box 30503, Charleston, SC 29417. If you are interested in making an in-kind or any other type of contribution, please contact our organization at (843) 608-8719 or you may email our organization at JGDO2007@yahoo.com. We would be delighted to provide you with a thank you letter which you may use for your tax purposes. Thank you for your support and contributions to our organization!

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