About Us

“Junior Girls Day Out” Community Project, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, was founded in Charleston, South Carolina in 2007.  We strive to expose young girls to positive enriching programs in which they can find inspiration and encouragement rather than despair and hopelessness.  Our goal is to broaden the horizon of these young girls and help them become well-rounded individuals through exposure to and participation in a variety of enriching youth development activities, mentoring sessions, community service projects, and field trips. 

Today’s youth have many negative influences such as bullying, drugs, gangs, teen-age pregnancy, and guns that are prevalent in many of their homes, schools, and communities.  To many of these vulnerable youth, it seems like suicide and self-harm are the only forms of relief.  They are looking for an escape from the pressures and problems of their daily lives.   

“Junior Girls Day Out” Community Project provide proper tools, love, support, and positive role models to help deter girls from negative paths and encourage them to pursue great achievements in their lives.   We also provide exposure to impacting programs which open career paths and opportunities that will help them maximize their potential and fulfill their dreams.

We offer 21 program activities for elementary school girls, ages 7-12 years old. Our objective is to provide girls with the requisite knowledge, life skills, self-esteem, integrity, and character to lead healthy and productive lives.  Our development programs include education, career, personal, social, and cultural enrichment.  All of our program activities, meals, and transportation are absolutely free for all participating girls.  Thus far in 2011, approximately 600 girls have participated in our program activities.  We are a volunteer-driven, community-based project comprised of school administrators, parents, corporate executives, local media executives, community leaders and others.

We have been applauded by principals, guidance counselors, parents, city officials, and others.  We have been featured on the official website of the City of Charleston, SC, and we are the first entity in history to paint a mural on a City of Charleston building.  We also won first place in the City of Charleston’s 2010 Clean Cities Sweep Shots Contest, and we were featured on 2011 Clean Cities Sweep promotional materials.  We made history again in 2011 as the first nonprofit selected nationally and the first ever in South Carolina for Best Buy’s “Geek Squad Summer Academy” where girls learned how to build computers from the ground up, make music and movies on computers and more.  We were honored to be a part of this nationally recognized program endorsed by First Lady Michelle Obama and the White House!