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Junior Girls sweep 1st place

Submitted by bnicolai on Friday, May 14th, 11:11 am

The Junior Girls Day Out got out for Clean Cities Sweep recently and took on the task of beautifying the Mitchell Playground Rec House.  They cleaned it up and painted a flowery mural to cheer everybody up.

Their project was so impressive, their photos of the project won first place in the Clean Cities Sweep photo contest.  The reward for their hard work is being featured on the promotional materials for Clean Cities Sweep 2011.

The Junior Girls Day Out is a program that strives to provide excellence in education and personal development programs for elementary school girls. The program provides youth development activities, mentoring sessions, community service projects, field trips, fun outings, interaction with other girls, and more.

For more information on the Junior Girls, contact Kathy Jackson at (843)864-3399 or

 The Junior Girls Day Out brightened up the Mitchell Playground Rec Center.  

The Mitchell Playground Rec House before…

…and after the Junior Girls painted a mural on it.