Programs and Activities

Junior Girls Day Out Community Project is very proud to provide a broad spectrum of program activities for the enrichment of young girls.  A featured selection of these programs are as follows:  

  • Social Skills Etiquette Presentations and Role Playing
  • Dining Skills Etiquette Presentations and Restaurant Practice
  • Beauty Queen Self Esteem and Character Development Charm School
  • Enrichment Trips: The White House, Kennedy Space Center, and Broadway
  • Jamaica Mission Trip
  • Bank & Credit Union Tours, Money Management, and “Money Tree” Math Event
  • “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” History Competition
  • `Literacy Programs: Read-a-thon, Essay Writing, Public Speaking, and More
  • “Jazz Music Workshops for Girls”   
  • Fitness and Nutrition Program: Cooper River Bridge Training & Run
  • “Nickelodeon Girls Fun Day”
  • Fun Events: Water Parks, Horse Carriage Rides, Ice Cream Parties, and More
  • “Junior Girls Shadow Program”, Career Fairs and Career Projects
  • Youth Leadership Training
  • “Junior Culinary Academy”
  • “Junior Girls Inventive & Creative Series”/Guinness Book of World Records Event
  • STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Programs
  • Life Skills Classes: Personal Hygiene, Hair Care, Cooking & Nutrition, Sewing, Laundry
  • Cultural Enrichment Events: Opera, Symphony, Theatre, Museums, and Art Galleries
  • Summer Camp: Sports, Talent Displays, Fun Activities, and More
  • Community Service Projects: Meals for Less Fortunate, City Beautification, and More